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Android on the Rise - Fascinating Trends in the Mobile Marketplace
September 15, 2010
Thomas Mennecke
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Apple is going to have to make some big moves - fast. Sure, the iPhone 4 is a slick device, but as the stats show, it's not the only mini-computer/phone on the market. Google's Android OS and associated products have steamrolled into the race - with perhaps not as many apps but plenty of features that may leave the iPhone in the dust (such as Flash, while the Samsung Galaxy supports USB and SD card slots).

In today's comScore release on mobile usage, the rise of Google Android is apparent. In a three month period from April to July, comScore took note of some interesting stats on the mobile market. Who's in first, and who's catching up? And what are people really doing with their mobile devices anyway?

According to comScore, the top contenders are (in descending marketshare order) are RIM (Blackberry), Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Palm. The big mover in that time frame was Google Android. It gained an impressive 5% points of marketshare to jump from 12% to 17%. RIM and Apple, however, lost ground - falling 1.8 and 1.3 percentage points. What may be particularly troubling for RIM and Apple is the distance that Google has closed between the top competitor - a difference of only 7% keeps Android from being tied with Apple. RIM is still safely in the lead with 39%, but this lead is loosing ground to the open source Android.

Microsoft and Palm continue to struggle in their quest to find relevance, with Microsoft losing significant ground and Palm's penetration remaining flat.

comScore found that 66% of mobile users employed their device to send text messages - that's a 1.4% increase from April. Additionally, more people used their devices for mobile browsing, as this value increased from ~31% to 33.6%. You can read more of this study here.


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