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Names Will be Named in Debbie Does Dallas Lawsuits
September 9, 2010
Thomas Mennecke
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For those with spouses, mates, girlfriends or boyfriends, explaining a copyright infringement lawsuit is not an easy matter. If you're busted because you uploaded The Hurt Locker, this isn't the end of the world - just about anyone can understand that. If you're busted for uploading Debbie Does Dallas, well it wont be the most pleasant conversation, but most couples will survive. If you're caught sharing Kings of New York - well we can only sympathize with the poor bloke who has to convince his mate that a substantial demographic of heterosexuals help fuel this multi-billion dollar industry.

And these heavy conversations have already begun, and more are coming. In the VCX Ltd. cases (aka Debbie Does Dallas), plaintiffs filed a motion earlier this month for discovery. This step is required to start the identification process of the John Does whose IP addresses were identified by the plaintiffs and allegedly sharing their work via the BitTorrent protocol.

In Dallas Texas, the aptly located jurisdiction of this case, the Judge yesterday granted leave for discovery. That means 113 subpoenas will be served to dozens of ISPs who harbor the identities so desperately sought by the plaintiffs.

"Plaintiff VCX, Ltd. has filed a motion for leave to conduct limited discovery prior to a Rule 26(f) conference in order to determine the true identities and contact information of the "Doe" defendants named in its complaint. After reviewing the motion and the sworn declaration attached thereto, the court finds that good cause has been shown and the granted."

So now the subpoenas are sure to be sent out, and at least 100 individuals will have some very embarrassing letters sent to their homes.


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