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µTorrent 1.0 for the Mac Arrives
June 28, 2010
Thomas Mennecke
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So what's better than µTorrent you ask? How about µTorrent for the Mac. No, not baked Mac n' Cheese - we're talking about the grand daddy of all BitTorrent clients - µTorrent. With its simplistic approach to the BitTorrent ecosystem, this client has been a staple of the BitTorrent community. In fact, it's so awesome that it was purchased by BitTorrent, Inc. three years ago and turned into their official client. The mainline was dumped because it was fugly.

During this time, people kept wondering, "what about µTorrent for the Mac?" Building a Mac BitTorrent client is no small order of course. Sure, there are tons of P2P PC developers and testers, but organizing such an event for the Mac is a bit more challenging. After three years of alpha and beta testing, the moment has arrived - the official launch of the first stable release of µTorrent 1.0. From the BitTorrent blog:

"We are excited to release the first stable version of µTorrent Mac 1.0 to the world today. With this release we are bringing the same engine that powers our popular µTorrent for Windows client to the Mac OSX platform. Our native cocoa client was built to the same design principles: lightweight, feature rich and fast. It contains all the protocol enhancements µTorrent is known for, including DHT, PEX, Protocol Encryption and the new uTP transport – while delivering fast downloads in a simple, resource friendly package."

You can read more about µTorrent 1.0 here.


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