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EFF Provides Lawyer Resource for US Copyright Group Defendants
June 11, 2010
Thomas Mennecke
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The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), known for its current efforts against the massive BitTorrent lawsuit campaign about to hit US citizens (among many other efforts), has taken the fight a step further. As Americans from one end of the country to the other are potential defendants in this lawsuit campaign, many are finding it difficult to find representation against the US Copyright Group and its agents,(such as Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver), who are sending monetary demands to alleged file-sharers.

Since these lawsuits are being filed in Washington DC, it's up to the recipient to answer these complaints with the DC court. But who do you call for help? What if you're in Nebraska, and receive on of these monetary demands? Who will help in your most desperate hour?

The EFF has a solution for you...

The EFF has set up a "Subpoena Defense List" for the accused. Basically, this is a list of lawyers who are willing to help those accused of copyright infringement by the agents of the US Copyright Group. Although these lawyers are not affiliated with the EFF in any way, this is an excellent resource for those who are running out of time and don't know where to turn.

"We've heard from many people who have been distressed to learn that their identity is being sought by the US Copyright Group, which purportedly represents various independent filmmakers, for allegedly having downloaded a movie such as "Far Cry" over BitTorrent. These people may want to contact an attorney in their state or Washington D.C. to discuss their individual circumstances and to decide how to proceed. EFF cannot advise each of these defendants, but we have assembled a list of attorneys who are willing to help advise and possible represent subpoena targets."

Last month, nearly 50,000 John Doe lawsuits were filed. All of the films are strange, independent film that few have heard of, with the exception of "The Hurt Locker". Did you know there was a Far Cry movie, or that Val Kilmer starred in a movie called "Steam"? We sure didn't but thanks to these potential lawsuits, many are now intimately familiar - especially those who are being sued.


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