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News Briefs on Usenet and US Copyright Group
May 14, 2010
Thomas Mennecke
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Two interesting developments in the digital world. One has to do with the newsgroups, and the other with US Copyright Group.

In the Netherlands, a Dutch court in the Hague has ordered an injunction against Usenet community called FTD. A copyright complaint was filed by a company called Eyeworks Productions. Allegedly, the movie "Comes a woman to the doctor" (rough Google translation) was made available to the FTD community. How you ask?

FTD users interact with a sophisticated piece of software called FTD. This software allows community members to chat, send email, and locate Usenet content. FTD allows members to leave "spots", or more information where Usenet content is located. This information includes the file name, number of files, and what newsgroup the file is located.

Although "spots" do not function like NZB files, they are nevertheless useful in finding verified Usenet content very quickly. The judge in the case ruled in favor of Eyeworks even though FTD wasn't invited to defend themselves. According to TorrentFreak, their presence wasn't needed because of a so-called "ex parte injunction" order.

Staring a 10,000 Euro a day fine if they don't comply, the administration of FTD posted a message that all spots referencing the movie will be removed.

Changing gears for towards BitTorrent and the tens of thousands of lawsuits that are supposed to be coming to the US... it seems the TWC (Time Warner Cable) is motioning to quash the subpoenas received by the US Copyright Group. You may be surprised to hear that TWC is looking to limit the flow of subpoenas, but get this... it also seems that Comcast and Cablevision may not bend so quickly to the identity demands either.

Apparently, it seems they are being overwhelmed with IP identity requests from US law enforcement and the thousands of requests coming in from the US Copyright Group. Perhaps the kibosh will be placed on this impending disaster before it begins.

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