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Demonoid Suffering Massive Denial of Service Attack
April 29, 2010
Thomas Mennecke
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Yesterday Slyck reported that, the nomadic BitTorrent tracker, was experiencing prolonged downtime. The cause of this was unknown, but the trackers are reported to be still operational. This has eased concerns to some extent, but the continued downtime means millions are without access to their favorite BitTorrent community. Its return is uncertain, but the cause is now apparent: a rather nasty DoS (Denial of Service) attack.

The administrators of Demonoid managed to get this message out, which is now visible in the Google cache:

"Ongoing denial of service attack

There is a denial of service attack in progress that is causing extreme slowness.
We are currently working on solving the issue.

Thanks for your understanding"

This isn't the first time Demonoid suffered a crippling Denial of Service attack, or has been forced offline. This has become a fact of life for Demonoid, yet it doesn't scare many people away, instead it only seems to fuel the site's mystique.

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