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Top Five Newzbin Alternatives
March 29, 2010
Thomas Mennecke
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There you have it folks, as we know it will soon be a thing of the past. True enough, Newzbin may survive in one form or another, but will likely become Mininovaesque in its approach. survived its own copyright battle, but its strength lies in its leadership and community. Newzbin has a strong community, but its leadership may not be able to pull it through this very dark chapter. Assuming Newzbin’s next iteration cannot accommodate the needs of the community, some very tough choices need to be made. Primarily, who will replace as the premier NZB indexer?

And that, my friends, is a mighty question. Chances are, at least for now, no one. None of the current NZB indexing sites can match the scale, size, scope, features or community that has made the hallmark of the indexing community.

There are several very good indexing sites available, however, prepare for at least a marginal state of disappointment. If you’re a junkie, it’s likely that you’ll never find a Usenet indexer that will match its former glory. Sorry, that’s just the way it is. But there are a few places to check out in the search for NZB files.

1) NZBMatix – If you’re looking for a site that recaptures at least some elements of Newzbin, your first stop should be A very full, complete, and all-around very good site. Registration gets you access to NZB files. $10 gets you a lifetime access to all of the site's features.

2) Merlins Portal - If you go by the credo, “if its free it’s for me”, then Merlin’s Portal is for you. It’s completely free for full access to all of the site’s features, you just have to register. Merlin’s portal is good for popular NZB files.

3) Binsearch - Unlike conventional indexing sites, Binsearch is just a search engine that looks for articles. Once you find the articles you want, use the “create NZB” option to get the process started. Binsearch doesn’t have any of the organization of a typical indexing site and doesn’t hold your hand through the process. But if you know what you’re doing, it’s a valuable way to find information. This site is free to use.

4) NZB Index - This site is much like Binsearch, but organizes and consolidates the results of your search queries. This makes the site easier to use, but still lacks much of the organization of Newzbin. You’re pretty much on your own like Binsearch, but ultimately, this might be for the better. This site is also free to use.

5) NZBrUS - This indexing site is a good search tool for NZB files. Registration is required to access NZB files. $9.99 get’s you a VIP account to all of the site’s features.

So there you have it – the heirs to the Newzbin throne. How many will become a viable Newzbin alternative? Good question – we’ve written many articles like this (Top 10 ShareReactor Alternatives comes to mind) only to see alternatives equally annihilated. We’ll see.


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