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BREIN Gets Injunction Against Pirate Bay
October 22, 2009
Thomas Mennecke
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BREIN is making headlines along with The Pirate Bay this morning, as the copyright organization has obtained an injunction against The Pirate Bay in the Netherlands. It appears the court did not find the defense's testimony that they no longer own The Pirate Bay very compelling. The three Swedes that may or may not own The Pirate Bay, (Brokep, Anakata, Tiamo) tried to convince the court that a distant company named Reservella owned the company.

"The Judge rules that the three are responsible for The Pirate Bay and therefore grants the injunction against them. The injunction against Reservella is not granted because it is not clear that it also is responsible in addition to the three. The judge furthermore rules that The Pirate Bay is not an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and that therefore the limited liability for ISPs does not apply."

The Pirate Bay can still operate in the Netherlands, but it must prevent access to .torrent listings. Not doing so will result in a €5,000 ($7,500) per torrent penalty.

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