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BREIN Chases Pirate Bay Ghost
October 9, 2009
Thomas Mennecke
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BREIN and the defense of the former owners of the Pirate Bay (brokep, anakata, TiaMO) continued their legal confrontation in the Netherlands. This was the appeals hearing to address the ongoing issue of blocking The Pirate Bay to Dutch citizens. BREIN continues to demand that the original three block the site in the Netherlands, but they’re claiming they no longer have any control or ownership over the world’s largest tracker.

Who owns The Pirate Bay? Depends who you ask, really. A name that has come up and is repeated in Peter Sunde’s blog and BREIN’s press release is a Seychelles based company called Reservella. But BREIN isn't convinced there’s a difference between this company and the defendants, and still holds the original 3 owners responsible.

“Denying their responsibility and playing hide and seek is what the gentlemen of The Pirate Bay have been doing since they began their illegal business”, says BREIN director Tim Kuik. “We have sufficient reason to assume that they still are responsible. The company on the Seychelles looks like a thin veil to cover up what is really going on and it appears that they too like to play hide and seek just like they gents from The Pirate Bay. Ultimately the point is that The Pirate bay is illegal and therefore is prohibited and must be made unavailable whomever its owners are. The previous verdict against the three Swedes and the company GGF that was going to take over the site also made it crystal clear: what is illegal is prohibited whomever does it.”

The Pirate Bay's ex-spokesperson Peter Sunde refuted the evidence on his blog. Not only is it refuted, Sunde makes the stunning accusation that the evidence (an Experian credit report) tying The Pirate Bay to Reservella was manufactured by BREIN.

According to Peter, BREIN is motivated to do this because admitting that the original three no longer own The Pirate Bay would mean legal fees and potential damages. The defendant goes through an extensive and systematic reasoning why the evidence against them is false.

"It is very clear to me what has happened. My well educated, well established, well founded hunch is that BREIN realized that they were going to lose hard and in order to win, they themselves had to create false evidence and hand that over to the court!"

Things to wonder about...could BREIN really stoop to this level?

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