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Giganews Launches Major Upgrade - 50 Connections
July 10, 2009
Thomas Mennecke
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Lately, competition in the newsgroup market has centered around retention - or the duration of time one can expect a message to stay on a server. Most of the major newsgroup providers have retention of at least 250 days, which is competitive with, and in many cases exceeds BitTorrent. The binaries don't touch eDonkey2000's near-decade long retention, but no one reasonably expects them to. So what else can shuffle the customer base around?

How about connections? Currently, providers such as Astraweb and Giganews both have 20 connection accounts. 20 connections come with an Astraweb account, but this was a premium service on Giganews. Today that changes as Giganews now offers 20 connections on all of their services. But what if you have the premium Diamond plan? For no extra charge, you get an additional 30 connections for a grand total of 50. How much of a benefit is this?

Connections refer to the amount of simultaneous processes that can take place between a news server and a news reader. The more processes that can take place, at least to a point, the faster more efficient your download will be. News servers are very fast, but a single connection might be capped at a certain upload speed. With multiple connections, more information can be pushed from the news server to the news reader.

Those who are on very fast broadband will see the most direct speed benefit going from 20 to 50 connections. If you're on a slow connection, the jump to 20 connections will have benefits as well – but if you’re stuck on 760 kbps DSL, don’t expect miracles. Those who have the bandwidth potential to take advantage of Giganews' great speed will. Those who can't take advantage of the speed will instead see better efficiency - processes that had to wait can now happen simultaneously. So in the end, faster speed and greater efficiency for everyone for the same price.

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