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The Pirate Bay Site Down, Trackers Online
March 3, 2009
Thomas Mennecke
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Yesterday, The Pirate Bay suffered some downtime, as witnessed by much of the BitTorrent community and reported on by TorrentFreak. This wasn't such a far-fetched reality, considering the massive attention focused on this once Swedish-based BitTorrent tracker. Although the site was online and was operational as of 8:00AM EST, it appears to be down once again.

But here's the good news. It appears that only The Pirate Bay's website and indexing service is down. BitTorrent clients connecting to The Pirate Bay's trackers are still finding peers just fine, so it's reasonable to conclude that only the website is suffering at this moment.

So are The Pirate Bay crew off to go fix the problem? Probably not. Today is the last day of The Pirate Bay's trial, and the defense will be busy wrapping up their closing arguments. However, there are many other people involved with keeping The Pirate Bay's network online, and the absence of the original crew won't prevent this problem from being fixed - eventually.

Update: The Pirate Bay is now online again, and seems to be running well.

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