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The Pirate Bay Celebrates 5 Years Online
November 25, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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It's been 5 years since The Pirate Bay appeared online. That was way back in 2003, when the file-sharing world was a very different place. BitTorrent was just starting to enter the P2P realm, but FastTrack and eDonkey2000 were still the undisputed kings and queens of file-sharing. Here we are 5 years later. eDonkey2000/Kademilia is still around, but in terms of sheer size, time has benefited BitTorrent and The Pirate Bay. The Swedish tracker is unprecedented in size, with over 25 million users online at any given time.

Things were simpler in 2003. Back then FastTrack's 4.5 million users was considered a milestone, with eDonkey2000 at a comparable size. In January, Piolet - Blubster's cousin - was finally launched to the glee of Manolito P2P fans. On a down note, the last remnants of file-sharing were swept away by AltNet in February. In April, Grokster and StreamCast defeated the music industry in court - only to have the case reversed in 2006.

In June, the RIAA announced the beginning of its lawsuit campaign. The campaign was designed to educate the public and stymie the growth of the P2P community. Did it work? 25 million Pirate Bayers would disagree - but the success of online music stores has proven to be a fair enough Gadsden's Purchase.

WinMX's PNP (Peer Networking Protocol) celebrated its 1 year anniversary in October - as the world still patiently holds its breath for version 4.0. Today (or there abouts) The Pirate Bay turns 5.

"Some weeks or months ago (we're not quite sure) we became 5 years old here at The Pirate Bay! The official birth date of the site is not 100% sure. We've been discussing it back and forth the past week and decided that screw it, you don't need to know which day. We'll celebrate anyhow!"

Wikipedia's official launch date for the pirate crew is November 21, 2003, but if The Pirate Bay doesn't know for sure, then any date in late November should suffice.

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