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The Pirate Bay Breaks 25 Million Users
November 15, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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The Pirate Bay (TPB) enjoyed another milestone today, breaking the 25 million user, or peer, barrier. Only two weeks ago, TPB surpassed 20 million users, and in January of this year, broke 10 million users. The growth of TPB has been stratospheric, and in less than a year, has more than doubled the size of this already impressive file-sharing network.

TPB celebrated the event with the now traditional changing of the logo, this time a gauge pointing at 25 million. A blog post on the site celebrated the crossing of the quarter century mark.

"We just broke 25 million peers! Growing and growing. It's so amazing to see! We had to add some new hardware but it's so worth it :-) Keep sharing!"

TPB's new logo has room up to 50 million users. If the network can continue to survive intact, there's little stopping TPB from reaching that limit. More realistic this year is breaking 30 million, perhaps by the end of this month. With a network designed to survive regardless of the legal situation in Sweden, if nothing else TPB will offer a unique perspective of network evolution.

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