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TorrentValley Shut Down
November 12, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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With the continuous stream torrent site shutdowns, it would seem that eventually, the stream would stop, right? Not really, as today the IFPI announced another BitTorrent site shut down. This time, it's the Bulgarian site that is no more.

Here's the thing about, which billed itself as "... the largest torrent search engine and torrent directory on the web." It's not a tracker like The Pirate Bay, rather it's an indexer. An indexer's role is significantly different, as it meanders like a pink elephant. Rather, like Google, it merely acts as a conduit to torrent files existing elsewhere. This seems to have been of little consequence, however.

"Torrentvalley was a major international source of copyright infringing material," said Ina Kileva, executive director of BAMP (BAMP is the local copyright traffic cop). "This site was a gate towards more than 5 000 torrent-trackers from all over the world. The decisive action by the authorities shows that Bulgaria is no haven for copyright abuse in Internet and makes efforts to protect the rights of those involved in the creative industries."

TorrentValley had a rather impressive following. According to its RSS feed stats, it had a subscription base of about ~140,000. It's interesting to note the sudden dropoff come on November 11.

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