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LimeWire Announces Upcoming 5.0 Release
November 7, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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There's some big doings going on at LimeWire - irregardless of the impending legal battle with the RIAA. As one of the last free, original P2P networks, LimeWire has managed to prosper since the beginning of the P2P revolution. Aside from Gnucleus, LimeWire is the last remaining Gnutella application that survived the P2P wars. XoloX, BearShare, and all the other trend setters are gone. But LimeWire remains and today has announced their upcoming version 5.0 with "Social Sharing Network Capabilities."

There was a time when LimeWire's compatibility with P2P's philosophy of information freedom was questioned. But there wasn't too much concern about losing unfettered access to Gnutella - there was always FrostWire as an insurance policy. However, FrostWire's favor in the P2P community has suffered a few reversals lately, which has allowed LimeWire to retain the trust it's built over the better part of this decade.

Trust is a funny thing, and many people simply don't like sharing among the massiveness of the Gnutella or the file-sharing community. With a continuous stream of lawsuits from the music industry, many casual sharers might be more interested in sharing within a circle of trust. Let's take a look at the specifics. According to LimeWire's press release, LimeWire 5.0 will allow users to:

* Set up secure personal sharing networks based on existing contacts; users can choose to limit distribution to personal network only

* Integrate buddy lists from Jabber-compatible services

* Provide better virus protection

* Interface with The LimeWire Store

* Easier navigation with a new visual design of both website and application allowing users more security and better ability to manage shared files, download, search and connect with friends

Now, for P2P purists that would rather isolate themselves, LimeWire accommodates this wish as well. The press release stresses that these options are available only if the user chooses to engage them. The P2P world is a funny place; it's both a highly social avenue for those wishing to meet and greet, but it's also very inviting for those who would rather remain isolated and reclusive. Both types of individuals are welcome in the P2P world, and it’s good to see that LimeWire recognizes that.

Let’s take a look at some screen shots from the upcoming release. It should be noted that LimeWire 5.0 hasn’t been released yet, and any or all of the features or designs of these screen shots could change at a moment’s notice. Here we have the Library window:

And here we have the search window. Note the inclusion of search results from the social network:

The upcoming beta release should be available relatively soon, although a specific time isn’t yet known. LimeWire 5.0 appears to be attempting to differentiate itself from the rest of the P2P community, which at this juncture consists of The Pirate Bay and whatever remnants leftover from the earlier days. LimeWire’s approach could reestablish the community niche that’s been lacking in the P2P community lately, especially among those who would rather refrain from the complexities and isolated nature of BitTorrent.

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