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BitTorrent President Steps Down
November 6, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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It's an end to an era of sorts for BitTorrent, Inc. This may not necessarily be a good or a bad thing, but it's an interesting thing for certain. Ashwin Navin, Co-Founder and President of BitTorrent, Inc. has stepped down from his position, but will retain influence within the company as a Board Director.

Ashwin came to the BitTorrent team during a crossroads of the company's history. It was 2004, and all hell was breaking loose in the P2P community. The entertainment industry was aggressively pursuing communities such as SuprNova, ShareReactor and LokiTorrents. Surprisingly, BitTorrent was spared a similar fate, thanks largely to the direction provided by Ashwin.

With a keen business sense, Ashwin was able to transform BitTorrent from just another rouge file-sharing community into something palatable for the entertainment industry. In 2004, BitTorrent transformed into a viable business entity: BitTorrent, Inc. One of Ashwin's more remarkable accomplishments was the truce negotiated between BitTorrent, Inc. and the MPAA.

Ashwin's other notable accomplishments was the acquisition of µTorrent, which would become BitTorrent's flagship client. BitTorrent's purchase of this application would prove critical, as the old-skool mainline client was far inferior in terms of popularity, influence, and workability. The arrival of µTorrent and its simplicity helped pave the way for the launch of the BEN, or the BitTorrent Entertainment Network.

Now, towards the end of 2008, Ashwin is preparing to leave the company that he called home for 4 years. It won't be a total departure, but according to his blog, it's time to pursue other avenues in life.

"What's next for me? A few possible directions but most notably, my friends Steve Chen (from YouTube), Aber Whitcomb (from MySpace), Jim Young (from HotOrNot) and I purchased a small building in the Mission District of San Francisco where we intend to build a physical environment conducive to innovation, collaboration and company formation. We all spent a fair amount of time in cafés as we were fostering and growing our own companies, and there will definitely be a caffeinated element to our new venture...We intend to invest our time and money among this group trying to hatch the next few big ideas. "

It's a time of transition for BitTorrent, Inc. Ashwin may be leaving, but the transition wont be sudden, as the company has been building a solid management team over the last few years.

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