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Blubster 3.0 Released
October 8, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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Remember Blubster? That's right, the fun P2P application that spawned the Manolito P2P network, and fellow application Piloet? Those days were from a different era, when P2P networks like Blubster existed in a much world far removed from today's. Yet unlike most other original P2P networks, Blubster is still around, and today announced the launch of version 3.0.

Blubster is currently in the middle of a legal fight with Promusicae, the local copyright traffic cop based in Spain. The move was surprising, considering the relative obscurity that Blubster has lived in since the earlier part of this decade. Yet there's still a relatively impressive following, at least enough to warrant Promusicae to launch legal action against Manolito P2P Technologies.

What about Blubster 3.0 you ask? The Blubster homepage, unfortunately, is nothing like the original community that used to exist there. What was once a home built website with community news, discussion and forums now looks like a cheap knockoff. No forums, no discussion, just a generic website designed to promote Blubster. A far, far cry from the original, once great, Blubster homepage.

As for the client itself, the installation process is a bit like navigating a mine field - loaded with options to install various tool bars. Once the application is going, we were disappointed to see the homepage was loaded with ads - not to mention a few pop ups.

Blubster still appears to have over 200,000 users. But in comparison to today's solid communities like BitTorrent, the newsgroups, and eDonkey2000, all we can do is shake our heads and remark how the mighty have fallen.

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