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Where are all the Videos at?
September 10, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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Online videos are perhaps the most in demand form of entertainment, with no shortage of resource sites. There's BitTorrent, Usenet and P2P of course, but these resources are more geared towards the computer savvy user. For quick, point and click access to video entertainment, streaming sites have become a quick and easy alternative to P2P.

Just how much of a video appetite is there? The results from today's comScore study reveal an almost insatiable desire. According to comScore, America's watched 558 million hours of online video during July. That's about 18.6 million hours a day, and if the current trend is any indication, that number should be near 20 million a day by the end of this month.

The undisputed leader, to no one's surprise, is Google's YouTube. According to comScore, nearly 5 billion video files were served in July. In way distant second is Fox Interactive Media, with only 445 million videos served. Fox would have to expand by a factor of 11.5 in order to catch up YouTube - a testament to the overwhelming popularity of Google. Microsoft, Yahoo, and Viacom are a bit closer to Fox and within the same stratosphere, with approximately 200 million videos served.

The "unique viewership" market is a bit tighter, but again, Google's YouTube remains firmly in command. With 92 million unique visitors, YouTube places itself well ahead of Fox's 54.8 million unique viewers.

It's fairly evident that the movie and video entertainment industry have far less to fear than the music industry when it comes to online distribution. The music industry may never recover thanks to the digital revolution, however, the movie and video industry can thank streaming media and its simplicity for averting a similar disaster.

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