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Kazaa 2.5: Previewed
June 14, 2003
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Michael Liubinskas, head of product marketing of Sharman Networks has supplied Slyck with a copy of kazaa 2.5 Beta 1. Although while testing the version we came a across a lot of bug issues the version contains several key improvements over 2.1.

A full list of the new features is here. They include multiple search results tabs and greater network searching as well as a slightly improved interface.

Each search you perform is displayed in a new window making it easier to perform multiple searches at the same time. This is similar to a lot of other p2p applications like Shareaza.

Other search improvements include the ability to 'search more' up to 5 times depending on your participation level. Although this can be also done currently with kazaa hacks that are widely available.

Other changes include a new installation process, a new orbital skin, improved usability as well as IE been built in better.

Even launching the start page proved problematic with this beta. However Sharman Networks have told us that this is very much just the initial stage of testing and that they will "try to get the next phase beta to you [Slyck] before it goes public".

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The kazaa 2.5 beta homepage is here

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