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isoHunt Receives 2 Quad Cores from AMD
February 4, 2008
Thomas Mennecke
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isoHunt is one of the largest BitTorrent sites on the net. Although it's not a tracker like The Pirate Bay, it receives a similar amount of traffic. isoHunt is an efficient indexing site, which has enabled it become on par with the popularity of The Pirate Bay.

With the massive traffic load experienced by the Canadian based indexing site, it appears that AMD has found the perfect test site for their new Opteron 2352 quad core processors. To test out their new products, AMD gave isoHunt 2 of these powerhouse processors, reports the blog “Sunny Talks Tech”. The isoHunt administration appear thrilled so far.

"I'd like to thank the nice people at AMD for allowing us to have 2 pre-production engineering samples of their Opteron 2352 CPUs," a forum administrator said. "These CPUs have been installed in our primary database server (as of this afternoon) and we'll definitely be following up in the near future with our impressions of these particular CPUs. (Although I'll admit that we ran all of our web traffic for about 20 minutes earlier today on those CPUs without any issue, so they're certainly powerhouses)."

As recalled by P2P-Blog, the Opteron 2352 derives from the troublesome 2350 series, which experienced a nasty bug last September, causing a delay in production and mass marketing.

Gary Fung's isoHunt is currently being pursued with legal action by the MPAA. AMD's choice to endorse isoHunt is an intriguing one. The Operon 2352 is a monolith of CPU design. With 4 cores running at 2.1 GHz and 2 megabytes of level 2 cache, not only will isoHunt thank AMD, but the entire population of isoHunt will too.

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