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Kazaa Becomes Top Downloaded Software - Ever
May 22, 2003
Thomas Mennecke
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Napster was big, no doubt. With over 1.5 million simultaneous users logged on, it was by far the largest P2P network of its time. But as time itself moved on, bigger and better things were on the horizon.

FastTrack exploded onto the P2P scene after Naspter died, accessible through Kazaa, Kazaa Lite, Grokster, and iMesh. However, Kazaa has received a bad rap from the inner circle of the P2P world. Spyway/adware issues, Altnet, and stability problems have spawned such clients as Kazaa Lite. This client takes the benefits of the FastTrack network, while eliminating third party software.

Despite these problems, it has ultimately proven itself to not only be a survivor, but to become one of the most popular P2P networks. In fact, it edges out WinMX and eDonkey2000 as the top network with well over 4 million simultaneous users. That is not including the additional 1.3 million users using the unofficial iMesh client.

With all this popularity, it was inevitable that Kazaa Media Desktop would eventually become the most downloaded software. Sharman Networks has released the following press release:


LOS ANGELES (MAY 23, 2003) - Sharman Networks Limited today announced that Kazaa Media Desktop has become the most downloaded software, having overtaken the previous record-holder, ICQ, by reaching 229,xxx,xxx worldwide downloads. Kazaa Media Desktop is distributed without charge and enables its users to download more licensed content than any other application.

"The entire Sharman Networks team thanks users worldwide for embracing Kazaa Media Desktop," said Sharman Networks CEO Nikki Hemming. “Our vision from inception was to develop and prove a model for the distribution of licensed content.”

Kazaa Media Desktop’s download record comes at a key period in the peer-to-peer industry’s positive evolution, following the April 2003 ruling of the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California that reinforces the legality of file sharing applications.

Licensed files, including music, movies, games and software are made available to users through Sharman Networks’ partnership with Altnet. More than 20 million licenses are acquired by Kazaa Media Desktop users per month. In 16 months of operation, Sharman Networks has shown that its business model is both sound and successful.

“Congratulations go to the entire Sharman team for an outstanding accomplishment,” said Hemming. “We will continue to innovate and deliver users the best possible experience, while expanding the choice of licensed content.”

Hemming credits the success of Kazaa Media Desktop to her team’s rigorous respect for user privacy and their focus on delivering users the best in usability, security, and speed.

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