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OiNK Busted
October 23, 2007
Thomas Mennecke
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In what is being touted as a victory against the "biggest source of illegal pre-release chart albums", the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) concluded a joint two year investigation that has lead to the dismantling of the popular BitTorrent site OiNK. British and Dutch police coordinated their efforts which led to the arrest of the site administrator in the UK, and the seizure of OiNK's servers in Amsterdam.

OiNK was a highly sought after target because of its alleged status as a pre-release gold mine. While pre-release material typically shows up on most BitTorrent sites given enough time, the IFPI charges that more than "60 major album releases have been leaked on OiNK so far this year, making it the primary source worldwide for illegal pre-release music."

The arrest of OiNK's administrator is a significant escalation in copyright enforcement. Typically, individuals in such positions are only taken into custody without an arrest, however today's events are a bit extraordinary. BitTorrent administration has become a risky game, with operators running out of countries to safely call home.

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