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LimeWire Readies DRM-Free Music Store
August 14, 2007
Thomas Mennecke
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In last month's interview with LimeWire, the leading Gnutella P2P firm hinted about an upcoming digital music store. Today, LimeWire formally announced the arrival of their digital music store.

The music store will launch sometime this fall, and initially will be separate from the LimeWire client. The plan however, is to eventually integrate the music store website onto the LimeWire client. When that will occur however, it anyone's guess as the digital store concept and implementation is still in its infancy.

So far, two partners/labels have signed on with LimeWire's music store, IRIS and Nettwerk. IRIS is more of a representative of music labels, and to the LimeWire faithful, will likely be a welcomed partner as the firm represents independent labels. Nettwerk is an actual record label, representing independent artists such as Sarah McLachlin and Barenaked Ladies.

Will the LimeWire music store be just another run of the mill distributer, complete with DRM? It doesn't appear that way. LimeWire is attempting to create a user experience that will be free of any type of Digital Rights Managment, copy protection or consumer intrusion.

With EMI, and now Universal, experimenting with DRM-free music, it appears that LimeWire is riding the DRM-free bandwagon - or rather by the nature of their business - are in the driver's seat.

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