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The Pirate Bay and Uncensored Hosting
June 25, 2007
Thomas Mennecke
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Last week, Slyck broke the story that The Pirate Bay had launched BayIMG - a free, uncensored file hosting site. There's some new information regarding this site, direct from The Pirate Bay themselves. The site has been "officially" launched, while traffic to BayIMG has been impressive.

The amount of traffic generated to during its first few days has been impressive, and a bit unexpected. Not anticipating the level of traffic, The Pirate Bay folks found themselves with a site which, according to, shot up to nearly 500 in rank. This placed BayIMG in company with sites such as, however the site has averaged lower in the subsequent days.

"...the information that the site was on its way leaked out and all of a sudden we had 150Mbit pr second of traffic to the system, a system not yet optimized for that kind of traffic," a blog post on The Pirate Bay reads. "We already have over 5 million image views. You people have uploaded about 150.000 images and the site skyrocketed the first days into one of the 300 biggest sites on the web!"

The Pirate Bay's intentions and motivations are clear with the launch of Adamantly opposed to all forms of censorship, which is directly accused of, The Pirate Bay hopes to extend its renegade appeal.

"...the reason for us starting an image hosting site is simple. Sites like have started censoring pictures for users (in Germany in particular) and it just opens up for even more censorship. You know, we can't stand that."

With significantly more file options, capacity and lack of oversight, stands a chance to rival its intended competitors. is making headway; to have any real chance, however, it needs to go mainstream.

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