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Google Better than LimeWire?
June 25, 2007
Thomas Mennecke
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In the never ending search for music, the end user is always confronted with a near limitless supply of options. P2P or iTunes? LimeWire or FrostWire? Usenet or BitTorrent? Perhaps I should just “ask Google”?

Ask Google. It has become the response to millions of questions over the last several years. There was once a time when people may have known the answer to a question, or could provide helpful insight. Yet those days are long gone as Google’s massive index provides an answer to every conceivable question imaginable. Is it possible that Google is a better provider of music than LimeWire? Maybe, why don’t you go ask Google?

That’s the question Jimmy Ruska asked Google, and received some very interesting answers. Jimmy Ruska developed two video tutorials which gained an impressive level of popularity on YouTube. His technique and results were astounding; it was quite possible with a bit of tweaking that Jimmy may have demonstrated that Google was better than LimeWire for downloading music. At least, that’s what Jimmy claims.

Most people understand that web based searching for music can provide a multitude of results, if you can cut through the spam. Jimmy’s first tutorial, which received over 300,000 views, brought about a novel concept when searching for MP3s. Instead of simply typing the desired file with the MP3 extension, Jimmy’s concept used the search tags ‘intitle: “index.of”’. This forces Google to only reveal directories, and not web pages. This exposes files that people may have stored on servers not necessarily linked on web pages.

The first iteration of his concept worked very well and received largely positive feedback on YouTube. However, that was only a sneak peak of things to come. A few months later, Jimmy automated his process and launched His new search feature simplifies the search process for the end user by automatically entering most of the search parameters specified in his initial tutorial. Instead of remembering where to place periods and where quotations go, simply enter the desired query and let Jimmy’s search engine do the rest.

So the question returns to “Is Google better than LimeWire?” The resoundingly concrete answer is, “perhaps in some ways.” When it comes to ease of use, resourcefulness, and data information, LimeWire blows away Jimmy’s technique. Yet Jimmy’s search engine demonstrates that Google can indeed rival or compete with P2P technology.

As the record industry heaves up its latest attempt to crack down on file-sharing on college campuses, students are finding many of their P2P networks blocked. In the absence or crippling of P2P technology, Jimmy’s technique will certainly have many users answering, “Yes, Google is better than LimeWire.”

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