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LimeWire Beta Supports BitTorrent
November 1, 2006
Thomas Mennecke
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In June of this year, Slyck reported on the upcoming integration of the BitTorrent protocol into the LimeWire client. Described as crucial for the longevity of the LimeWire client, it was noted the initial phase of the project would be limited. After nearly a year of preparation, LimeWire has finally released the first Beta client to support BitTorrent.

According to the latest LimeWire change log for Beta version 4.13, BitTorrent support is referenced very briefly; however appears first on the list as “- Integrate Bittorrent.”

As expected, the functionality of LimeWire’s BitTorrent support is currently limited. There’s no indication of the torrent’s status, number of seeds, peers, ratio, or availability. The details provided on a torrent download are no more extensive than a regular LimeWire download. However it should be noted this is a beta release, and is the mere beginning of an entire renovation to the LimeWire project.

As shown above, the LimeWire client works well enough as a BitTorrent client. There’s no bells and whistles just yet, but for those looking to expand the functionality of their LimeWire client, this release isn’t a bad start. The new beta is open to the public and is available here.

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