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ShareConnector Trial Delayed
June 24, 2006
Thomas Mennecke
Font Bigger Font Smaller and's extensive history just became more protracted. Both sites are on trial in Rotterdam, Netherlands, for “professionally (complicity) copyright violation and participation in a criminal organization.” The trial, which began yesterday, has been delayed by the court.

The Dutch court was concerned with the quality of evidence against both sites. The court has asked BREIN and Fiod-ECD (Dutch tax agency) to demonstrate that careful procedure was followed while collecting evidence.

"The trial ended not how I expected and hoped to go," the owner of ShareConnector told "Because of this the whole issue about eDonkey links and the role of ShareConnector wasn't the subject of discussion, instead only the fact that the investigation wasn't right and the possible collaboration between BREIN and justice was in question."

For now, no ruling for or against the two sites, nor was the legality of hash links determined. The earliest time frame for this trial to resume is some time in early 2007.

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