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United States Pressured Pirate Bay Closure
June 1, 2006
Thomas Mennecke
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It's no secret existed for three years without any concern for copyright enforcement. The Swedish government and authorities seemed unconcerned, while AntipiratbyrÄn's (the Swedish Anti-Piracy Bureau) efforts equaled little more than a paper tiger.

Events would have likely continued in that direction, however according to a report by (Swedish Public Service TV), an element of the United States government pressed for the closure of

Before that happened however, the article states the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of Amercia) requested that the United States Department of Justice (US DOJ) take action against

During a visit to the United States in April, the Swedish Minister of Justic Thomas Bodström was pressured by unspecified elements of the US government to eliminate Six weeks later, was taken off line in a controversial raid that also claimed 200-300 other domains. asked the MPAA to verify's information. Although specific details were not revealed, the MPAA spokesperson stated "Every major digital media owner in the world has been actively campaigning against The Pirate Bay - from Microsoft to Games to BSA to IFPI and the MPA."

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