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Snarf-it Sells Up and Moves On
April 24, 2006
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The Snarf-it creator and administrator “FD” has announced he is selling the Snarf-it name, torrent database and code on the domain trading website,

The news confirms speculation which began with the sale of NZB indexing site NewzMonster. NewzMonster, a sister site to Snarf-It, was sold last month by the temporary administrator, “Target”. Target cited recent lawsuits as a reason for selling, but refused to comment why Snarf-It was spared.

Selling the site marks the end of an era for the Snarf-It team, who began with a basic torrent site in the dieing days of SuprNova. It later became a metropolis of file sharing services, including news, torrents, NZBs and an NFO file database.

Thanks to support from the SuprNova Forums, who at the time where the largest and busiest Invision based forums, Snarf-It grew quickly. After the death of SuprNova, the entire forum database and membership were moved to Snarf-It, where it remains a large and active community today.

According to statistics from, the Snarf-It domain received one million unique page views in just over a month.

The skill of the Snarf-It community have helped broaden Snarf-It away from just file sharing. Successful ventures have included Digg-style news and image hosting.

Now, partly inspired by the community and partly because of high-profile lawsuits against indexing sites, FD has decided it is time to move away from hosting torrents and NZB files.

“We're basically making sites that our members want, whatever they ask for I try to make happen,” FD told “We have ImageImp [image hosting], WiredFire [news and reviews] and Blogpimp [blogging] nearly ready to go, then we have the free hosting for our members to use and cPanel accounts they can just sign up for.”

WiredFire will be the “flagship” of the new network of sites, and will offer original technology news content and reviews. It will also be the new home for the Snarf-It forums database and community.

FD aims to make a site for technology-orientated users to call home, where they can do everything from checking e-mails to reading the news and writing blogs.

“We definitely have plans to expand everything; my goal is to eventually have a portal where all the sites are interlinked into a larger community.”

The plan will put the site into direct competition with the internet’s biggest names, like Google and Yahoo!, but FD is not daunted by this:

“I have never been interested in making supersites for the sake of money like other people, I make sites that our members will use, that’s what makes a good site, if it’s done for love rather than money. Plus the strong point of our community has always been that we have very talented artists, developers and coders to help with all the projects.”

The development will be a tough test for the loyalty of the current fan-base, who has been brought up on a diet of free multimedia entertainment. It is therefore a risky move for FD, as WiredFire could mark the beginning of a prosperous new era, or the beginning of the end.

“This is a new chapter in the life of our community, moving into a completely different field is both a challenge and very exciting but I have no doubt that we will excel in this area as we have done in other areas before, we’re very adaptable,” FD concluded.

Whilst awaiting a buyer for the domain and/or site, Snarf-It is being hosted by the new Malaysian owner of NewzMonster, which is set to return soon.

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