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Go Daddy Releases Domain
January 12, 2006
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The domain has been fully restored after the account was suspended by registrar Go Daddy for alleged violation of their Abuse Policy. went down about midnight GMT on Wednesday, after a complaint from Microsoft.

myBT were given two choices in an e-mail sent by Go Daddy, neither of which included an appeal process.

“Option # 1: Transfer your domain name to another registrar.

“If you wish to transfer your domain name to another registrar, we first require that you pay a $50 administration fee before your domain name can be transferred. This fee is used to cover the costs Go Daddy has incurred in addressing this situation…

“Option # 2: Allow your domain names to remain suspended until they expire.”

The myBT administration sent e-mails trying to resolve the issue, but after five hours Go Daddy had failed to respond.

Gregory, an administrator at myBT’s host Xogger, responded angrily. After reviewing the Go Daddy Abuse Policy, he sent an e-mail to Go Daddy, threatening loss of business, bad publicity and lawyers.

“I am writing on behalf of not only but also many other sites (both BitTorrent and non-BitTorrent related) who are registered with your service and are deeply concerned….

“Also I would like to state that we are in communications with several members of ICANN regarding this and they also seem to be "at a loss for words" in your reasoning. Please READ your own terms and agreements before stating them falsely thank you. Our accountant will be billing you for our downtime and damages after the final tally is concluded.”

As a result, Gregory received a personal phone call from Go Daddy, who "cleared up the misunderstanding" and apologised for taking the heavy handed action.

Although not completely satisfied with the response and the need to threaten with lawyers, myBT administrator "The Watcher" says the site will stay with Go Daddy.

“Each time we move its a few $100, so I don't want to move again,” he told

Site host Gregory is considering further action.

The affair has been damaging to Go Daddy.

Justin, a TorrentSpy administrator, told that he will “probably” switch to a different registrar.

“The shutdown and extortion was pretty bad,” he said. “Worst case is they should have shut off the DNS, but to hold the actual domain hostage was a bit far. I just don’t like that tactic.”

The Go Daddy Spam and Abuse Department could not be contacted by phone and did not immediately respond to an e-mail request for comment.

The DNS servers are still updating, so some users may find the site is not accessible until late Friday.

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