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Slyck's Guide To Grabit
Browsing the Newsgroups
This is a bold step you're taking. Not many people go thing far, but kudos, you're ready to enter the wild wild west. But don't worry, just follow our simple steps and you'll be browsing in no time.
Subscribing to a Newsgroup
Figure 11: Finding a Newsgroup...
The first step in exploring the newsgroups is subscribing to one. Here's how you do it:

1) Under "My Grabit", left click on your news server.

2) All the newsgroups that are on your news server will appear in the "All groups" tab.

3) We can narrow our focus and only select certain newsgroups by using the "Only show group names..." option. Try typing something that interests you. Once you find a newsgroup you like, simply double click it. The newsgroup (in this case alt.binaries.test) will appear under your server.
Downloading Headers
Figure 12: Full Update...
As we can see in Figure 12, there are no articles in the alt.binaries.test newsgroup. We need to populate this subscription, and in order to do that, we need to download headers. Headers are small metadata files that inform the news reader what the article contains. We aren't really downloading the aritlces just yet - think of headers as their representatives. Since we need a full list of headers, click "Full Update". Depending on how many articles are in a particular newsgroup, this can take up to 15 minutes or more.
If you have already updated Grabit, just click "Incremental update". That way Grabit only downloads the headers from your previous update onward. Although broadband makes downloading headers fast, this process was very slow on a dialup connection, and hastened the development of NZB files.
Browsing Articles
Figure 13: A Full Newsgroup...
If you click on the "Articles" tab after the update (see Figure 13), you should see a full list of articles. If you do, you've downloaded the headers successfully and you can now start browsing the newsgroups.
Downloading Articles
Figure 14: A Full Newsgroup...
To download articles in Grabit, left click and highlight all the articles you want to download. Once you highlight all the articles you want, you can download them one of several ways. First, you can click on "Grab all" (see Figure 14a), or right click on the highlighted articles, and click "Grab selected articles (see Figure 14b).

If there's just one or two articles that you want, you can download them quickly by just double clicking.
Navigation Techniques
Figure 15: Navigating Grabit
Click the "Articles" tab (Figure 13) and we'll cover a few navigation techniques. Grabit does an excellent job sorting and filtering a group by showing you only the info you need and eliminating all the nonsense. You can use this feature by clicking the navigation icons shown in Figure 15. Here's an explanation of these six navigation icons:
1. Once you start browsing the newsgroups you'll want to get into the habit of updating the list of articles currently available (see Figure 12). This button is handy as it only displays the the most recent articles.

2. Most often, you'll want to have this button pressed. It shows all articles in a newsgroup that are made up of multiple parts. These types of articles are frequently sought after.

3. This button only shows messages that are one part, and is convenient for catching NFO or PAR2 files.

4. This button will show the files that are missing parts. While it is nice to eliminate these files from your list, it's easy to think that you have a complete archive when there isn't, so it's always useful to just toggle this icon to see if there are any missing parts in your archive.

5 & 6. Same as 2 & 3 but for files that you have downloaded. This feature is handy to see completed downloads.
Grabit: Final Thoughts
Grabit became a popular binary news reader because it's excellent at what it does. It provides a simplified avenue to the newsgroups that anyone can master.
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