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Slyck's Guide To Grabit
Grabit How To Use
You've made it this far, congratulations! On this page we're going to go through the process of setting up Grabit and establishing the download folder (see Figure 8). Grabit has a few more options to tinker with since it's also designed to browse and post to the newsgroups.
The Preferences Window
Figure 6: Preferences in Grabit...
If you click "Edit", then "Preferences", the preferences window will pop up (see Figure 7&8). Here you can browse many of the options that make Grabit tick. So go ahead and open the preferences window and we'll break down the default window (Figure 7) and setting up the download folder (Figure 8).

The Interface Tab
Figure 7: Configuring Grabit's Interface...
The "Interface Tab" opens by default and controls many of the general functions of Grabit. There are a few options here to take note of. Under Control, you'll notice "Disable save batch...", and "Disable restart batch..." If you leave these unchecked, Grabit will automatically save the progress of a download when the program is closed, and ask if you wish to restart when the program is opened. If you check these options, you will have to remember to save your download (or batch) manually prior to exiting.

NZB files will automatically open inside of Grabit as long as the "Associate NZB files..." option is checked.
The Download Folders Tab
Figure 8: Edit, Change or View Your Download Folder...
The "Folders Tab" allow you to change, edit or view your download folder. Just click the box we've highlighted red to change the download folder (see Figure 8). If you check "Create separate download...", Grabit will make subdirectories for each newsgroup you download messages from. In other words, Grabit will store messages from alt.binaries.test in an identically named folder, while messages from alt.binaries.test1 will go in its own uniquely named folder.
You can also have Grabit place the extracted files into a different folder. To store extracted files in a folder different than the download folder, use the "Extracted files..." option (see Figure 8). NZB files will automatically open inside of Grabit as long as the "Associate NZB files..." option is checked.
Add/Edit a News Server
Figure 9: Server Properties
If you want to add or edit your news server, you have to go back to the main window (see Figure 5). If you want to add a server, right click on "My Grabit" (see Figure 9a), then "Add Server". If you want to edit your existing server, right click on Default Server (or whatever your server is named) and click "Server Properties" (see Figure 9b). The interface for both these options are nearly identical, so we'll just go through adding a server manually.
Server Properties
Figure 10: The Server Properties Window...
Whether you add or edit your news server, the interface window will look exactly like Figure 10. The only difference is that you cannot change the name of "Default Server" to something else via the "Server Properties" window. If you want to change the name of your server, you'll have to reenter the info you did in the set up wizard.

Figure 10a. We can name our news server whatever we'd like - in this case it's Red Orb News.

Figure 10b. Enter the hostname, or server name, which is

Figure 10c. You'll also need your account username and password to complete this field.

Figure 10d. Don't forget to set your number of connections; this value will depend on which account you purchase.
Ready to Browse
At this point you're ready to browse. You can keep things simple and just import NZB files, or you can try exploring the wide world of the newsgroups by browsing. It's a jungle out there, but we think you might have a good time!
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