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Slyck's Guide To Grabit
Grabit Intro And Installation
Grabit is an excellent newsreader that satisfies most needs from browsing headers to handling NZB files very nicely. If you don't know how the newsgroups work please take a look at our Guide to the Newsgroups.
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Grabit was initially developed for personal use by its developer. As curiosity about the program grew, developer Ilan Shemes eventually registered and launched Grabit for public use in 1999. The release of Grabit coincided with a very interesting time. Usenet was still considered a very exotic place, and using this community to find files was still reserved for the bravest of file-sharers. Grabit's release was a major step forward in changing this.
As the popularity of file-sharing increased, so did attention to alternative methods such as the newsgroups. Grabit was one of the first news readers to take advantage of new technologies being developed for newsgroup distribution. Within a few years of its release, Grabit's ability to import NZB files and successfully download articles made a compelling case for those once turned off by the newsgroup's complexity.
Figure 1: NZB files are associated by default...
Installation is done through a standard install process (see Figure 1). During the installation process, Grabit will automatically associate itself with NZB files. There's a way to disable and enable this option through the installed client too, so don't feel as though this is a commitment! Once the initial setup is done, launch Grabit and run the setup wizard.
Enter the News Server Address
Figure 2: Enter news server address!
The setup wizard will go through the processes of requesting your news server account information (see Figure 2). You will need three key pieces of information to complete the setup wizard:

1) The address to your news server.

2) Your unique username.

3) Your unique password.

Don't forget to check the option "News (NNTP) server requires a username and password", and then click "Next".
Enter Your Account Information
Figure 3: Enter your username and password...
When you signed up for your news server account, you received a username and password. This information is provided to you twice, when you first sign up and via email. Enter your unique username and password here (see Figure 3), and then click "Next". You're almost done!
Retrieving a list of Newsgroups
Figure 4: This is where the action is...
Although NZBs are very popular, browsing the newsgroups is still fun. There are tons of different discussions going on all the time, and there's a wealth of information to find. So go ahead and let Grabit download a fresh list of newsgroups (see Figure 4). If you're on broadband, this should only take a few minutes.
Ready to Go
Figure 5: Grabit fully installed and ready to go...
Once Grabit is installed and a fresh list of newsgroups is downloaded, you're all ready to go. On page two, we're going to set up the download directory and check out a few other options.
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