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Premflix will spell the end of the Premier League…

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Premflix will spell the end of the Premier League…

Postby MrFredPFL » Tue Feb 11, 2020 12:58 am

Story :

The Premier League’s new chief executive Richard Masters (whatever you do, don’t call him Dick) who has climbed into the big chair once occupied by Richard Scudamore, this week confirmed that at some point in the relatively near future – as predicted by commentator John Roder in my book Can We Have Our Football Back? – and by Simon Jordan, they would offer a ‘Premflix’ option for overseas viewers to stream a game directly from the Premier League, rather than from a broadcaster. This is the start of the end for the Premier League as we have known it. Let’s hope so.

The Premier League only exists as an entity to be a collective bargainer for the 20 clubs. Its traditional job is to raise money and distribute it evenly between the clubs, with some weighting to account for the number of times the club is on TV and for finishing position. Becoming, in effect, a broadcaster, is something else altogether. How will they remunerate the clubs for the streams? Presumably in the same way they do now with the broadcast rights fees. Yet they must know that this isn’t sustainable in this new world.

The biggest, most popular clubs – Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs and Manchester City – have long wanted the lion’s share of media rights income, feeling that interest in the league centres almost wholly on them, that they made it big, important and global and therefore it’s not fair that the likes of Bournemouth gets such a huge cut when so few watch their games. Those clubs would prefer to take this opportunity to simply stream their games directly to the public, harvest all the profits themselves and not have to share them with Burnley et al via the Premier League. This has been behind all the European Super Leagues discussions that have happened between top clubs in Europe over recent years.

The Premier League’s ‘Premflix’ idea is uncorking the streaming direct-to-viewer bottle and it is obvious there is absolutely no virtue in those big clubs allowing the Premier League itself to be a hub for streaming their games, when it is something that they are perfectly able to do for themselves.

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