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Who will become the first casualty of the streaming war? (AU)

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Who will become the first casualty of the streaming war? (AU)

Postby MrFredPFL » Tue Nov 26, 2019 9:24 pm

Story :

It wasn't that long ago when Australians complained we were sick of paying north of $100 per month so we could watch everything on Foxtel. We imagined the arrival of Netflix would open up a world of entertainment, on the mistaken assumption the streaming giant offered practically everything you'd ever want to watch for a few bucks a month.

Aussies were expected to ditch Pay TV in droves but the big plot twist was that Netflix didn't kill Foxtel. Roy Morgan figures make it clear that we're prepared to sign up for both and even cough up for a third streaming service such as Stan (owned by Nine, the publisher of this masthead).

Of course as more streaming services throw their hat in the ring, it becomes even more expensive to keep up with all your favourite shows. This fragmentation has put us right back where we started.

Right now, counting the recent streaming salvos from Apple and Disney, you're up for $93 every month if you want to watch all the major services with the best picture quality; and that's before you pay for Foxtel or sign up for a streaming sports service like Kayo or Optus Sport. As Aussies tighten their belts, something has to give.

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