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American Films, Inc. Acquires Maker Data Services LLC

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American Films, Inc. Acquires Maker Data Services LLC

Postby MrFredPFL » Tue Nov 12, 2019 1:49 am

Story :

American Films, Inc. (Pink Sheets: AMFL) strengthen its position to assist Hollywood fight online piracy and copyright infringement through its recent acquisition of Maker Data Services LLC. Over the past year, American Films has been accumulating the data, technology, and the know-how necessary for filmmakers to combat rampant online piracy and those that profit from the theft of intellectual property. The data and technology acquired from Maker Data Services adds to American Film’s already substantial compilation of digital evidence related to BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing activities.

“This acquisition is important because it adds to the evidence of BitTorrent related copyright infringement that American Films can provide to its clients,” said John Carty, American Films’ CEO. “This type of forensic evidence is only available from a few sources, most of which only supply the largest industry associations. American Films has positioned itself as the go-to data provider for independent filmmakers that want to take action against the direct infringers, Internet Service Providers, VPN Providers, and others that allow, encourage, and profit from BitTorrent copyright infringement.”

The acquisition coincides with Craig Campbell – formerly with Fidelity Investments - taking on the position of American Films’ CTO. His main focus will be managing the build-out of BitTorrent products for copyright enforcement utilizing the combined data resources now available at American Films.

Carty said, “The revenue from Maker Data Services will be immediately accretive to American Films. We also expect our new data products and the management of the digital evidence for the ISP lawsuits will add significant growth to our overall company revenue and net income.”

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