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BBC TV licence scandal: Tens of millions of pounds LOST in Saudi Arabia piracy operation

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BBC TV licence scandal: Tens of millions of pounds LOST in Saudi Arabia piracy operation

Postby MrFredPFL » Thu Sep 12, 2019 6:45 am

Story :

As the BBC is penalising pensioners by taking away free licences, a Daily Express investigation today reveals how the corporation and rival broadcasters are losing hundreds of millions in potential revenue to a massive piracy operation. The cost to the BBC alone could be as high as a £100million a year. Every Saturday, millions of football fans in Saudi Arabia and North Africa cheer and cry over the fate of their favourite Premier League clubs. Whether it is the goal-scoring genius of Sergio Aguero or the heroics of Harry Kane, social media explodes as every key moment is argued over. Yet although fans are gripped by the highs and lows, they never suffer actually forking out cash to watch their beloved team play. For these millions of foreign viewers, the fiesta of football is free. All they need is a cheap set-top digital box and they can sit back and enjoy the spectacle.

But it’s not just Premier League. Wimbledon proved popular over the summer as did golf’s Open Championship. No doubt the Cricket World Cup was a hit, too. And there’s a wide array of films and light drama, including the best from the BBC, Sky, ITV and Channel 4.

Among others, Killing Eve, the BBC’s successful thriller, was seen for nothing, a severe blow as the corporation insists it needs to charge over-75s for their licence.

British viewers who also subscribe to Sky, BT or other services, might assume the money-soaked rulers of Saudi Arabia are footing the bill. In fact, Saudi viewers are simply taking advantage of the biggest television piracy operation ever seen.

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