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Porn Doesn't Suffer from a 'Piracy Problem', It Actively Relies Upon It

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Porn Doesn't Suffer from a 'Piracy Problem', It Actively Relies Upon It

Postby MrFredPFL » Tue Sep 03, 2019 9:55 pm

Story :

When Lucy, or UKCuteGirl, thinks of all the work people have stolen from her she gets angry. A particular video continues to haunt her. Lucy had been shooting all day with a porn studio and she liked the people she was working with, so when they asked her to do just one more scene, she said yes. Lucy ended up sucking a penis-shaped dildo that squirted out soapy white liquid. She couldn’t stop giggling. It felt silly giving a blow job to what was essentially a bubble blower for fake cum.

Everything seemed less comical when a fan messaged Lucy saying that they loved her new Pornhub upload. She freaked. The video wasn’t supposed to feature on anything but small subscription-based site Wank It Now. Watching it back, Lucy was horrified. She doesn’t do boy/girl material and the dildo looked far more realistic than she thought it would. Now people were assuming she was progressing onto more hardcore material. “My fans were sharing it around saying, ‘oh my God, Lucy’s doing proper porn now, she’s got cum dribbling down her face’,” Lucy tells me, over the phone. “I thought, ‘no, I’m really not.’ Now I get loads of messages asking me to do boy/girl stuff.”

After the video, Lucy changed all her levels – the scorecard explaining to porn production companies how far you'll go. Now she won’t touch sex toys, specifically fake cocks. Across her career as a performer, from camming to OnlyFans to porn shoots, Lucy has had hundreds of hours of footage stolen from her. Whether it’s a video of her showering, making out with women, or full frontal nudes of her legs spread, someone will have uploaded it onto the internet.

Lucy is not unlucky. This is not some glitch in an otherwise fair system. Almost every time you watch free porn, whether on Pornhub or at the bottom of some obscure forum, it has been uploaded without the owners’ permission. This means that everyone involved, from the performer to the producers, won’t earn anything. Porn does not suffer from a piracy problem. Really, the industry as it is now couldn’t exist without piracy – it actively relies upon it.

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