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What New EU Copyright Law Will Mean for Media, Tech Companies and Users

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What New EU Copyright Law Will Mean for Media, Tech Companies and Users

Postby MrFredPFL » Tue Sep 18, 2018 1:34 am

Story :

The EU Copyright Directive is big and broad and covers wide swaths of activity online, from data mining to the sharing of photos, music and video clips. But the two biggest changes proposed by the legislation are contained in articles 11 and 13.

Article 13 would make platforms such as YouTube obtain licenses for copyright-protected content, such as music videos or film and television clips, which users post on their sites, compensating artists and rights holders.

This is a big deal. Article 13 could translate into billions in payouts for music companies, filmmakers and media publishers should Facebook and Google be forced to share more of the revenue they earn for ads posted alongside copyright-protected content. It could also result in upload filters, tech companies proactively blocking users from posting suspect material, which would amount to de facto government-imposed censorship.

“What is really happening here is a political judgement, that Europe wants to be different than the United States and have a European copyright approach different from the United States,” says Christopher Beall, a partner at New York-based Fox Rothschild and an expert in copyright law. “It's essentially a different ethos. The EU is saying: 'We don't like the way the Americans handle the internet — and we want to recapture some kind of control over how the internet works.'”

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