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TorrentFreak is Blocked as a Pirate Site and Hacking Resource

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TorrentFreak is Blocked as a Pirate Site and Hacking Resource

Postby bpaw » Sat Aug 25, 2018 7:18 pm

Story :

Court-ordered pirate site blockades are pretty common nowadays. While not everyone sees these as the ideal solution for the problem at hand, they follow the letter of the law. More problematic are the private blocking efforts by various Wifi providers, which we are frequently the target of. Apparently, TorrentFreak is a pirate site too.

From Australia to Sweden, all around the world courts have ordered ISPs to block access to pirate sites.

This usually happens after a careful review by a judge, who weighs the arguments from copyright holders and Internet providers before a final decision is made. That’s a fair process.

However, these court-ordered blockades are only the tip of the iceberg. Much more common are private blocking efforts where local WiFi providers use broad blocklists to shield people from visiting dangerous sites, including the one you’re on now.

From the comments, it seems that TorrentFreak is blocked simply because of the word "Torrent".

That is like blocking websites because of the word "Nazi", which would block a website called "NaziHunters".

Fundamentally, this is those who provide WiFi to their customers which has selectively blocked content.
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