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Texas ISP slams music biz for trying to turn it into a 'copyright cop'

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Texas ISP slams music biz for trying to turn it into a 'copyright cop'

Postby MrFredPFL » Tue Aug 21, 2018 10:14 pm

Story :

Grande Communications is a high-speed ISP that is the main provider for several university campuses in Texas. It was sued in April 2017 by 18 music companies including Universal, Capitol, Warner and Sony, who accuse it of allowing its users to "engage in more than one million infringements of copyrighted works over BitTorrent systems."

Despite having repeatedly complained to the company, the music industry argues [PDF] that Grande has failed to "take any meaningful action to discourage this continuing theft, let alone suspend or terminate subscribers who repeatedly commit copyright infringement through its network, as required by law."

Grande isn't having any of it however and argues that the industry's attempt to make it legally responsible for copyright infringement is "absurd." It counter-claims that it has been inundated with "unsubstantiated and unverifiable allegations of copyright infringement" complete with a demand that it terminate user accounts in response.

"To further this effort, the recording industry enlists a third party to bombard ISPs like Grande with hundreds of thousands of such allegations per year," the ISP argues, adding that it is "more than any ISP could ever reasonably investigate and attempt to verify, even if it had the practical ability to do so."

nice thorough writeup

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