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Music Industry Lawyer Calls For Criminal Investigation Over Article 13 Vote

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Music Industry Lawyer Calls For Criminal Investigation Over Article 13 Vote

Postby MrFredPFL » Mon Jul 23, 2018 3:25 pm

Story :

A high-profile defender of artists' rights is calling for a "full-blown criminal investigation" into what happened during the Article 13 'copyright filters' vote earlier this month. Lawyer Chris Castle, who has an impressive music industry track record with various labels and groups, says that Google backed an "attack" on the European Parliament "for the purpose of policy intimidation".

With YouTube now a major force when it comes to online music distribution, recording labels and artists are striving for a better deal.

While YouTube compensates labels for views of authorized content, the labels say the existence of unlicensed content uploaded by users means that the Google-owned video giant gains an unfair negotiating position.

In an effort to tighten the noose on YouTube and owners Google, the music industry lobbied hard for new EU legislation (Article 13) that would see user-uploaded content platforms compelled to install filters to detect infringing content before it gets made available to the public.

because, obviously, if everyone does not agree with me, laws have been broken.

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