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Man Jailed For Five Years For Selling Streaming Piracy Devices

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Man Jailed For Five Years For Selling Streaming Piracy Devices

Postby MrFredPFL » Mon Jul 16, 2018 12:03 pm

Story :

A UK man who sold 8,000 set-top boxes that provided illegal access to Hollywood movies and live sports has been jailed for five years and three months. John Haggerty founded Evolution Trading, a company that provided XBMC (Kodi) based devices loaded with a subscription IPTV service. His wife received a two-year suspended sentence.

Streaming pirate content directly to living rooms around the world has become huge business over the past few years, with many hundreds of operations selling various services to the public.

While the majority appears to do so with impunity, a growing number of UK providers are finding that their businesses attract the attention of rightsholders who are keen to send a message that they won’t be tolerated.

The latest case involves John Haggerty and wife Mary Josephine Gilfillan, who together ran Evolution Trading Company Limited, a business venture registered at their former home address.

oh well. hard to have sympathy for people who think this is a good business model.

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