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Flight Sim Company Threatens Reddit Mods Over “Libelous” DRM Posts

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Flight Sim Company Threatens Reddit Mods Over “Libelous” DRM Posts

Postby MrFredPFL » Mon Jun 04, 2018 9:45 am

Story :

Flight sim company FlightSimLabs caused controversy earlier this year after embedding malware in its software to tackle piracy. Now the company is at the center of a new storm after unhappy users on Reddit reported anti-piracy files being installed into Windows systems folders. In response, FlightSimLabs have threatened Reddit mods with legal action, for not doing enough to tackle 'libel'.

Earlier this year, in an effort to deal with piracy of their products, flight simulator company FlightSimLabs took drastic action by installing malware on customers’ machines.

The story began when a Reddit user reported something unusual in his download of FlightSimLabs’ A320X module. A file – test.exe – was being flagged up as a ‘Chrome Password Dump’ tool, something which rang alarm bells among flight sim fans.

As additional information was made available, the story became even more sensational. After first dodging the issue with carefully worded statements, FlightSimLabs admitted that it had installed a password dumper onto ALL users’ machines – whether they were pirates or not – in an effort to catch a particular software cracker and launch legal action.

people should sue THEM for installing password dumpers. i can't see a legal justification for what they did.

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