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Follow-up: Valve updates the world on the fate of Steam Machine game consoles

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Follow-up: Valve updates the world on the fate of Steam Machine game consoles

Postby MrFredPFL » Tue Apr 03, 2018 9:30 pm

Story :

Over the weekend, several websites, the first of which appears to have been Gaming On Linux, noticed that video game giant Valve had quietly removed all overt references to the third-party living room gaming PCs, the Steam Machines, from the Steam online storefront. The Steam Machine project had been troubled from near the start, but the cleanup spurred widespread speculation, some of it from us, about what this meant for Valve.

As it turns out, not much. Valve broke its silence on the topic today with a post on Steam’s forums, written by Valve coder and developer Pierre-Loup Griffais, that detailed Valve’s internal thinking on the topic.

Officially, the Steam Machine was removed from the menus due to a lack of traffic. As we noted previously, you can still find five available options for Steam Machines for sale on Steam if you search for them via Google.

Griffais writes, “While it’s true Steam Machines aren’t exactly flying off the shelves, our reasons for striving towards a competitive and open gaming platform haven’t significantly changed. We’re still working hard on making Linux operating systems a great place for gaming and applications. We think it will ultimately result in a better experience for developers and customers alike, including those not on Steam.”

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