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Huge Rightsholder Coalition Calls on New EU Presidency to Remove Safe Harbors

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Huge Rightsholder Coalition Calls on New EU Presidency to Remove Safe Harbors

Postby MrFredPFL » Wed Jan 31, 2018 11:48 am

Story :

A huge coalition of international rightsholder organizations has appealed to the new presidency of the European Council to find an effective solution to the so-called 'Value Gap'. Featuring an army of record labels, film groups, sports bodies and publishers, the authors are calling for an end to safe harbors and compulsory licensing for sites like YouTube.

Sites like YouTube, that allow their users to upload all kinds of material – some of it infringing – are now seen as undermining a broad range of industries that rely on both video and audio to generate revenue.

The cries against such User Uploaded Content (UUC) sites are often led by the music industry, which complains that the safe harbor provisions of copyright law are being abused while UUC sites generate review from infringing content. In tandem, while that free content is made available, UUC sites have little or no incentive to pay for official content licenses, and certainly not at a rate considered fair by the industry.

Today, in advance of an EU meeting on the draft Copyright Directive, a huge coalition of rightsholder groups is calling on the new EU Presidency not to pass up an “unmissable opportunity” to find a solution to their problems.

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