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72-Year-Old Man Accused of ‘Pirating’ Over a Thousand Torrents

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72-Year-Old Man Accused of ‘Pirating’ Over a Thousand Torrents

Postby MrFredPFL » Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:02 am

Story :

A 72-year-old Hawaiian man is being sued for downloading a pirated movie. The copyright holder, no stranger to these type of lawsuits, also listed over 1,000 other pirated downloads that are tied to the same Internet account. Thousands of dollars in damages are being demanded, alongside claims the elderly man describes as "absolutely absurd."

In Hawaii, a recent target of a copyright trolling expedition claims to be innocent, and he’s taken his case to the local press. The 72-year-old John J. Harding doesn’t fit the typical profile of a prolific pirate, but that’s exactly what a movie company has accused him of being.

In June, Harding received a letter from local attorney Kerry Culpepper, who works for the rightsholders of movies such as ‘Mechanic: Resurrection’ and ‘Once Upon a Time in Venice.’

The letter accused the 72-year-old of downloading a movie and also listed over 1,000 other downloads that were tied to his IP-address. Harding was understandably shocked by the threat and says he never downloads anything.

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