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Postby sunnyd » Fri May 19, 2017 3:42 pm

Story :

The Boston Globe website is closing off a hole in its paywall by preventing visitors who aren't logged in from reading articles in a browser's private mode.

"You're using a browser set to private or incognito mode" is the message given to visitors who click on articles in private mode. "To continue reading articles in this mode, please log in to your Globe account." People who aren't already Globe subscribers are urged to subscribe.

Like other news sites, the Globe limits the number of articles people can read without a subscription. Until the recent change, Globe website visitors could read more articles for free by switching to private or incognito mode. (You can still get a new supply of free articles by clearing the Globe's cookies from your browser.)

We noticed the change this morning, and it turns out people on Reddit started talking about it yesterday. (They aren't happy about it.)

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