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5 Ways To Stop The Next WannaCry Hack - Including 2 You'll Hate

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5 Ways To Stop The Next WannaCry Hack - Including 2 You'll Hate

Postby sunnyd » Fri May 19, 2017 12:10 pm

Story :

"PC" stands for personal computer. And that idea of personalization has only expanded as the definition of computer has morphed to include the mobile devices that we carry with us, such as the phones that most people now consider an extension of their body. I bet your phone is within your reach right now - or at least in the same room.

As these devices become ever more critical to us, keeping your digital life safe - your banking info, your personal photos and videos, your messages to friends and coworkers, your passwords - has become paramount. But digital security is work: Downloading, verifying and installing new updates often sends your device into a long reboot and installation sequence. That's often up to 20 minutes without your PC or phone. (Yes, iPhone OS patch installs can be just as time-consuming as Windows PCs.)

It's a first-world problem, to be sure - but for anyone who's finalizing a document for work or coordinating a pickup with the kids, it may be 20 minutes too long.

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Re: 5 Ways To Stop The Next WannaCry Hack - Including 2 You'

Postby ejonesss » Fri May 19, 2017 4:34 pm

Make OS upgrades free and available forever

good idea .

1. maybe do like microsoft does for banks and atm's make updates available even for decrepit oses like even going back to windows 95 or whhat ever was the first to go online.

the theory is if updates are made for decrepit old oses too then the hackers would probably abandon their hacks since they know even windows 95 is being supported only on a security basis.

2. if you are not going to make security only support available to old oses then at least allow us to keep the updater files so we can burn them to a usb stick for later reinstall.

3. to keep the updates free charge more for the latest retail packages and make all the money off the retails
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