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Journalist Allegedly “Manhandled By FCC Guards” For Asking Questions

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Journalist Allegedly “Manhandled By FCC Guards” For Asking Questions

Postby sunnyd » Fri May 19, 2017 10:59 am

Story :

Federal Communications Commission officials said they apologized to a journalist today after the reporter accused FCC guards of “manhandling” him for trying to ask questions after a press conference ended.

CQ Roll Call reporter John Donnelly, who is chairman of the National Press Club’s Press Freedom Team and president of the Military Reporters & Editors Association, “said he ran afoul of plainclothes security personnel at the FCC when he tried to ask commissioners questions when they were not in front of the podium at a scheduled press conference,” the National Press Club reported.

“When Donnelly strolled in an unthreatening way toward FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly to pose a question, two guards pinned Donnelly against the wall with the backs of their bodies until O’Rielly had passed," the report said. “O’Rielly witnessed this and continued walking.”

The Press Club report was titled, “Reporter manhandled by FCC guards because he asked question.”

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